Consulting Overview

Whatever stage you’re in, BX3 can help. We leverage our team’s decades of experience in legal, accounting, tax, operations, PR and marketing.  Our experts understand the nuances of guiding and partnering with founders seamlessly to build and grow your business, using best practices to  drive you forward.  

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Development of appropriate tax structure • Selection of appropriate tax jurisdiction for incorporation and operation • Advice on tax treatment of transactions, including token generation • Tax compliance



Prepare financial statements and pro forma financial reports • Advise on methods to record, analyze, and prepare complex accounting transactions and statements • Coordinate nation of external financial statement audits • Consulting on appropriate GAAP and IFRS treatment of crypto transactions • Outsourced CFO/Controller services

Marketing & PR


Develop customized marketing plans • Earned media mastery • Content creation • Targeted publicity campaigns • Social media • Editorial advisory • Press releases • Curate customized media lists

Outsourced Executive Services


Outsourced C-level executives provide strategic thinking and leadership to accelerate growth of your early-stage business • Loan-staff CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CLO, and Chief Tax Officer • Assistance with team recruiting • Content development



Identification of growth opportunities • Optimization of capital resources • Design and implementation of new technologies • Strengthen operational value chain

Graphic Design


Logo design • Website development • Image creation • Coordination of marketing materials

Crypto Janitors Initiative

You conducted a successful offering, and raised funds, and that is awesome. But as we all know, the market has changed, and expectations are different. Regulators, investors, and the market-at-large are all watching to see what you do next. YOU have a fiduciary duty to the people who gave you funding for your project, and if you haven’t properly accounted for those funds, or spent them as you promised you would, there is a storm brewing, and it is headed directly for YOU. So, if you need to clean things up, now is your chance.

Our Crypto Janitors program is here to help get things right, and make your project stronger than ever. Our team of crypto-experienced lawyers, accountants, and marketers can help with all of the following to get you back on track:

  • Revisiting your legal strategy to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Curing delinquent or deficient securities filings
  • Accounting for collected and spent funds from investors
  • Preparing tax filings
  • Communicating with investors and getting them back on board
  • Sourcing talent replacements
  • Creating real, earned media marketing placements

There are more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation today, most of which were issued pursuant to a whitepaper that contained a plan for the use of the raised funds. Many ICOs purported to raise funds to support a project or business, or to provide an apparent “utility,” an unregistered security, that granted access to a native technology platform. Crypto Janitors utilizes that whitepaper to help answer the overarching question: Did the project do what it said it was going to do?

From there, the process turns to key business fundamentals and potential exposures to regulators and investors.