Why does Binance Open an American Crypto Exchange?

Why does Binance Open an American Crypto Exchange?

Earlier this month, Binance announced that it would suspend its services for the United States. Instead of allowing Americans to trade on their standard platform in bitcoin and especially altcoins, they take another step. There will be a platform that is specifically aimed at the Americans.


The blockade will start on 12 September. People who are in a blocked country can bypass these types of measures by using a VPN. With such a service you can pretend that you are in another country.

In addition to any problems with the local authorities, this also causes a problem if you ever want to remove your bitcoin or altcoin from the platform. Binance is also becoming stricter when it comes to “Know-Your-Customer”.

So when you as an American want to send your crypto coins to your own wallet from Binance, you have a problem from 12 September.