The Perks of Using Reddcoin (RDD) Social Currency

The Perks of Using Reddcoin (RDD) Social Currency

Although Redd ID was released back in September, the tipping service in form of RDD wallet is still pushing the value of Reddcoin, making it a core project of the first social currency. Redd ID is simple and easy to use service for social media tipping so there are many perks born out of using Reddcoin social currency.

Social media is a definite epicenter for socializing and connecting with people in the modern day but also makes up for a solid medium for finding quality content and multimedia, as well as targeting your audience.

Millions of people are visiting and using social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which allows them to chat with their friends and relatives, post media like photos, memes, and images, and even read the news and get in touch with the hot daily topics from across the globe.

However, what social networks are lacking, as ecosystems of genuine versatility when it comes to different information, data, and various options for communication and outreach, in general, is tipping quality content creators.

This is where the first social currency, Reddcoin (RDD) comes in with its Redd ID service.