Marketing & PR

While there is plenty to say about blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokenization, sometimes we’re left at a loss for words. Whether you’re launching an ICO or a blockchain-based lifestyle app, we will help tell your story and ensure it gets heard by key stakeholders.

ICOs have evolved beyond an investment vehicle created in someone’s apartment. Accordingly, the corresponding communications strategy should expand beyond a similar DIY-from-your-bedroom approach.

Yet, considering that many cryptocurrency devotees essentially live in online forums, how to broaden the message may seem befuddling. This is where a BX3 PR and marketing professionals can step in and provide the proper guidance.

In the current crypto landscape, the investor base has matured—therefore, so should an ICO marketing strategy. Accordingly, the typical ICO marketing plan should broaden and focus on a more traditional marketing roadmap, with a slant toward storytelling and earned media in the beginning stages.

At the heart of it all is the ability to tell your story in a compelling manner, and connect with the influencers and media who can help amplify your message so it captures the attention of investors, industry, and end users.

BX3 leverages a traditional marketing mix of paid, earned, social and owned media to get your company’s messages and value propositions to your key audiences including: 

  • Create tailored marketing plans proffering specialized insight and best practices,
  • Monitor the news around the clock for media opportunities,
  • Curate and cultivate targeted lists of media and influencers, and
  • Develop world-class editorial content, including op-eds, blog posts, social media posts, and bylined articles to help our clients showcase their remarkable projects and capture the interest of investors on a global scale.

Our team of experts brings years of experience in public relations, social media, content marketing, and journalism to ensure our clients’ stories cut through the clutter, and generate buzz in the marketplace.