ReddCoin (RDD) Is Undoubtedly A Goldmine In The Crypto Space

ReddCoin (RDD) Is Undoubtedly A Goldmine In The Crypto Space

The principles on which ReddCoin (RDD) is built will definitely find great audience particularly with content developers interested in discovering alternate sources of finance especially as social media giants has practically taken over 90% of advertising revenue that a content creator can earn on his/her content.

Devising a direct, peer-to-peer means of supporting your favorite creator and helping them grow is something that a lot of people online wants.

Having a way to directly support your favorite creator is what a lot of people online are considering. And ReddCoin is aware of this need to contribute to others growth intentionally. It can as well be a quality, feeless answer for social network micropayments, something that is somewhat difficult to accomplish today as a result of fees going over the value of the actual payment.

I am very sure that virtually everyone on the face of the earth is interested in currency. Now picture this, you are paid in cryptocurrency for your Facebook post and you are able to trade it for products, gift cards etc.

If you are one of those that would like to learn how to monetize your account and earn off your social media post, then I say welcome to the world of ReddCoin.