Everyone Makes Progress

EVERYONE makes PROGRESS is founded upon the principle that people have an obligation to take the best care of their health as they possibly can.  In an age where technology continues to improve our daily lives, there remains no substitute for physical fitness.

EVERYONE makes PROGRESS connects individuals with gyms, trainers, therapies and other physical fitness based businesses. Our goal is to solve the problem of obtaining access to facilities and health related services without costly long term memberships or contracts.  Our app will match those users looking for a new experience with physical fitness based business looking for new customers. The user gets the workout or therapy they are seeking and the business gains an additional customer.

Rather than merely creating an app, to provide a sense of community for users and facilities alike, EVERYONE makes PROGRESS has developed its own cryptocurrency, HAWCoin. Like other cryptocurrencies, HAWCoin will allow for the transfer of wealth in exchange for goods or services. What sets HAWCoin apart will be allowing the user to store biometrical data in the safe and secure environment of our own blockchain.  There will be opportunities to store important data for the provider businesses as well.

EVERYONE makes PROGRESS seeks to grow its business and name recognition in a number of ways, including airdrops of HAWCoin, a loyalty program and an ICO. The target for the ICO is 25 million dollars which will be used for operating expenses including additional marketing, hiring consultants and staff, obtaining equipment, and additional research and development.

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