PadBlock’s Blockchain Real Estate Platform

PadBlock is a New Jersey residential real estate website which integrates blockchain technology into a real estate search engine. The objective is to direct home buyers through each stage of the home-buying process. Potential home buyers and sellers can now register on its website – for updates in advance of the platform’s official launch.   […]

The Perks of Using Reddcoin (RDD) Social Currency

Although Redd ID was released back in September, the tipping service in form of RDD wallet is still pushing the value of Reddcoin, making it a core project of the first social currency. Redd ID is simple and easy to use service for social media tipping so there are many perks born out of using […] Announces New Platform to Streamline the Post-Secondary Education and Career Search

A-Pass, Powered by AI and Blockchain Technology, will Fill the Gaps in the Global Higher Education and Student Recruitment Ecosystem is proud to announce the development of its platform to enable students, universities, and potential employers to streamline all steps of the educational and job search process with A-Pass. A-Pass is a universal digital […]

ReddCoin (RDD) Is Undoubtedly A Goldmine In The Crypto Space

The principles on which ReddCoin (RDD) is built will definitely find great audience particularly with content developers interested in discovering alternate sources of finance especially as social media giants has practically taken over 90% of advertising revenue that a content creator can earn on his/her content. Devising a direct, peer-to-peer means of supporting your favorite […]

How Blockchain Puts the Power of Renewable Energy Back with the People: An Interview with Michael Lumbley of ARG

The global need for energy is predicted to double by 2035 and the world needs innovative ideas for distribution and financing to meet this demand. Energy demand is one of the biggest issues and largest costs industrial and manufacturing companies face each year, but developing regions have a hard time providing reliable electricity to residents […]