BX3 Capital To Use Balanc3 For Blockchain Accounting

BX3 Capital, a firm offering consulting services to businesses looking to get established in the blockchain market, is onboarding Balanc3, a financial management services provider for digital assets. “As a client-focused firm, BX3 Capital prides itself on early adoption of innovative solutions that help us serve our clients and in the crypto accounting space, Balanc3 is, […]

The Year Ahead: The Security Token is Ready for Its Close Up

Spend any amount of time on digital media, and you’ll find a basic story trope: “X is the new Y.” Until the advent of hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” nary a season would go by without some fashion news outlet proclaiming some other hue is set to replace basic black. A smaller […]

Lessons From a Tech Titan: “We provide unlimited vacation time” With Kyle Asman, Co-Founder of Bx3 Consulting

Empower your employees. Continually give them more tasks as they continue to improve, and always provide them with the resources they need to be successful. Since our clients are located globally, we allow all of our employees to work from wherever they would like in the world. We also provide unlimited vacation time, which promotes […]

Four Solutions That Will Make the Crypto Market To Boom And Exceed Visa Capitalization

Probably many of us remember the news that the market value of bitcoins has already exceeded the capitalization of PayPal. Despite the continuing decline in the cryptocurrency market, slowly but surely, cryptocurrency market cap tends upward, stepping on the toes of the Visa transaction value. Cryptocurrency gradually becomes an integral part of all spheres of […]

Humbled Crypto Bulls Want Lawmen to Legitimize Wild Market

After the crypto crash, the industry wants governments to confer legitimacy on digital currencies whose enthusiasts originally boasted of being outside the system. For some operators, the alternative could be bleak. Regulators largely ignored digital assets after Bitcoin was introduced a decade ago, but last year’s 1,400 percent rally made them pay attention, with reactions […]