Trump’s Comments On Crypto And What This Means: Commentary

As you might have seen on Twitter yesterday evening – or read in social media wrap-ups this morning – President Donald Trump gave his first decree on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If you haven’t seen his thread of Tweets, we’ll cut to the punchline: He’s not in favor. Kyle Asman, partner and co-founder of BX3 Capital, […]

Trump Plows into Libra Debate as Politicians Face Crypto Learning Curve

For those politicians who put off their crypto education, Facebook’s Libra is a wake-up call. And President Trump’s Twitter account made that call impossible to ignore. Overnight, Trump slammed cryptocurrency as being “based on thin air,” calling it “unAmerican,” and praised the U.S. dollar as the “only one real currency” and “by far the most […]

Columbus, Ohio: The Heart of America is the Heart of Innovation

Later this week, a Chinese delegation including members of the Yao Ming Foundation will be winding down a four-city tour of the US. After visiting Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago, the group, whose mission is to point out that US-China cross-border venture capital opportunities are impermeable to geopolitical winds, are ending their roadshow in […]

What Will Facebook’s Libra Bring To The Token Taxonomy Act?

Everyone’s abuzz over Libra and what it will mean for Facebook users. But here’s another point to consider: How will Congress legislate cryptocurrency now? Will the Token Taxonomy Act finally get passed? Mike Minihan, partner and tax expert at BX3 Capital, a business advisory firm that helps companies get established with fundraising and professional services, […]

Facebook Ups the Ante for Global Cryptocurrency Tax Framework

The launch of Facebook’s Libra currency and discussions at the G20 Summit about financial fraud and tax evasion with digital assets has ‘lit a fire under policymakers’ to develop better regulatory responses. Five US lawmakers have written an open letter to Facebook, dated July 2, that calls for the social media company to pause developments on […]