4 Ways To Accelerate Business Adoption Of Bitcoin

At the beginning of last month, Bitcoin celebrated an important usage and adoption milestone, recording its 400 millionth transaction. This is a major turning point for the crypto since its inception a decade ago. Coupled with a remarkable price surge, confidence in Bitcoin’s longevity will undoubtedly increase even further. In this article, experts provide valuable […]

5 Crypto Marketing Experts Provide Valuable Tips for ICO Marketing

The ICO revolution has commenced. For companies utilizing blockchain technology, ICOs have now become a preferred route for fundraising. It is an excellent option for companies to best offer the utility of whatever their respective product or service actually is, to a large group of people. On any given day, there are numerous ICOs releasing. […]

What Are The Challenges To Blockchain Adoption In The Legal Industry?

It doesn’t take Ruth Bader Ginsburg to rule that blockchain technology is on an upswing. It’s clear that this stuff is on the rise, but what’s a credible assessment of blockchain adoption in the legal industry look like? Challenges to  broader industry adoption include technological illiteracy and an aversion to investment without a guaranteed return. […]

Bitcoin (BTC) at $6,500 is the Next Price to Watch Out!

Rose to prominence after the global economic recession of 2008, bitcoin, is standing at $5943 at press time, after showing a 4.12% increase in its price during the past 24 hours. With bitcoin showing a major bullish trend over the past month, everyone is now wondering where the asset will end up from here on, […]

Bitcoin (BTC) 2019 Price Surge – Crypto Bull Run Insight

After remaining dormant for some months, bitcoin has recently rallied up pretty strongly, breaking major resistance levels. At the time of writing this story, it is standing at around $5,806 and showing a 6.53% increase in the past 24 hours. While things seem all set up for a prolonged bull-run as per various experts, the accumulation […]