OTC Crypto Trading Platforms Can’t Escape the Bear Market’s Claws

The bear market has affected every aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. How has it affected OTC trading? Over the course of the past year, the crypto bear market has totally reshaped the cryptocurrency industry. What was briefly a landscape of virtually unmitigated opportunity and cash flow has quickly begun to mature into a regulated, survival-of-the-fittest […]

Shut The Dark Web Down, Not Bitcoin

Drugs, assassinations, child abuse, prostitution and much more are some of the notorious services that can easily be availed through bitcoin payments. Since 2011, bitcoin has been the de facto currency of the Dark Web, a platform where different marketplaces exist that provide various unethical and unconventional services. Bitcoin as the payment instrument over dark […]

Samsung’s Crypto Phone: the Start of a Revolution or a PR Stunt?

There’s a lot of buzz around Samsung’s newest smartphone. But what does it really mean for the industry? Entrepreneurs, developers, and investors within the cryptocurrency space have been waiting for years for the moment that cryptocurrency will truly be adopted for usage on a large scale. There has been much speculation about what could cause […]

Get Your Decks in a Row: How to Create a Pitch Deck Investors Will Love

Before you start designing your deck, remember to take the time to think about what message you really want to convey to investors. Focus on the big picture: the purpose, the solution and the reward. In many startups, entrepreneurs are so eager to establish a project, put together the necessary legal paperwork, or acquire the right talent […]

Adoption Influences Bitcoin Price, It’s Not The Other Way Around

Since 2009, criminals have connected cryptocurrency to over $2.5 billion worth of dirty money. It has also been used to hide identities while transacting for some illegal purposes over dark web. Development of such negative use cases is a core reason as to the anti-narrative against bitcoin which further translates into lack of adoption and […]