Messy ICOs: Crypto Janitors Are Here To Help

Messy ICOs: Crypto Janitors Are Here To Help

Legal and accounting cleanup for your (innocent but possibly non-compliant) token sale.

Ever get the feeling that the crypto party went too far? One minute everyone’s having fun, raising capital and launching ICO’s while the regulators aren’t home.

Then you wake up to December 2018, and the market’s a mess. There are crumpled white papers strewn all over the floor, and it looks like Civil took a giant refund all over the upstairs bathroom. The ashtrays are overflowing with unburned ERC-20 tokens, and there are a bunch of unaccredited investors passed out in the living room—and you have no idea who they are, because you didn’t KYC.

Jay and Hester are going to be home any minute—and if they catch you with one unregistered security, you’ll be grounded for eternity. With no phone.

Luckily, there are Crypto Janitors who can help. The service, launched by New York-based BX3 Capital, is designed to bring qualified projects into compliance with US securities regulations, and help them clean up before the SEC cracks down.

“We are using our expertise in legal, regulatory, tax, accounting, marketing disciplines to help fix GOOD projects that went astray after the fundraising boom of 2017,” says Michael Minihan, a partner at BX3. “Crypto Janitors, cleaning up crypto messes.”