Kawa Foad - VP, Legal Services

At BX3, Kawa is in charge of the firm’s legal affairs. In addition, he advises BX3’s clientele with respect to all securities-related and corporate governance matters, including: advising on a transaction’s appropriate offering type; creating investment offering documents and regulatory filings; drafting and revising new and/or existing bylaws, articles of incorporation and other corporate documents such as board minutes and written consents, and providing ongoing legal advice. 

His work for clients often entails creating documentation firms need to raise funds from investors, including private placement memoranda, in which, to avoid liability, companies disclose any risks associated with the investment. Kawa points to one particular success on behalf of a client: Through negotiations with private and venture capitalist investors and the execution of the appropriate documents, he was able to restructure the entire capital structure of one company to free up enough shares for sale to avoid bankruptcy. 

Prior to joining BX3, Kawa was involved in a number of successful private raises and one public exit, with a combined value totalling more than $300 million.

Kawa holds a bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in finance from Northwood University and a juris doctorate from Florida International University. 

Kawa, who grew up in Sweden, enjoys traveling and visiting his family in his Scandinavian homeland, though these days he enjoys the warm breezes and ocean views of his newfound home of Miami. 

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