Honesty is Key: A Crypto PR Disaster Survival Guide

Honesty is Key: A Crypto PR Disaster Survival Guide

August 7th, 2019   |   Finance Magnates

So, your crypto company’s been dragged through the mud on social media: what now?

“Crypto Twitter”, or CT for short, plays an incredibly important role within the industry–arguably, a far greater role than in just about any other indusry. Indeed, Twitter is the place where news breaks, where collaborations and partnerships are born, and–at times–where big egos battle.

As such, Twitter has facilitated the spread of information throughout the cryptosphere in many positive ways. Twitter has been used to quickly spread warnings about exit scams, hacked platforms, phishing sites, and other kinds of fraudulent behavior in the cryptosphere.

Indeed, “crypto is a counter-culture to the various ailments brought on by ‘rabid’ capitalism and other societal changes, and crypto twitter is a live representation of these same ‘anarchistic’ values,” wrote Orian Tal, VP of Operations at MarketAcross & InboundJunction, to Finance Magnates. MarketAcross is the crypto arm of InboundJunction, a Tel-Aviv-based PR and marketing agency with a list of clients that includes Binance, TRON, Qtum, Cardano, NEO, and various others.