Four Solutions That Will Make the Crypto Market To Boom And Exceed Visa Capitalization

Four Solutions That Will Make the Crypto Market To Boom And Exceed Visa Capitalization

Probably many of us remember the news that the market value of bitcoins has already exceeded the capitalization of PayPal. Despite the continuing decline in the cryptocurrency market, slowly but surely, cryptocurrency market cap tends upward, stepping on the toes of the Visa transaction value.

Cryptocurrency gradually becomes an integral part of all spheres of life: social networks, e-commerce, banking, health, games and so on. That’s why it’s the right time for considering the following nuances, which can significantly affect the cryptocurrency globalization, helping cryptocurrencies become fully integrated into the world economy and, consequently, into the daily life.

E-Commerce System

The first and key point cryptocurrencies need to take root in everyday life is simple management tools that will not imitate payment applications but will completely replace them.

Already now, there are many solutions that allow accepting cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services, though not many offer all-in-one services. As a result, a user has two options to choose between ー either to set up a hardware wallet and create an exchange account or to trust third-party payment processing systems or use embedded plugins.

Due to the volatility of digital money, many blockchain experts recommend exchanging it for a fiat currency at the earliest opportunity and hold cryptocurrency only an amount that can be lost. Moreover, the commission per transaction varies, and can even exceed the fees charged by traditional payment systems. An adequate solution may become so-called zero-fee cryptocurrency services. The GoByte developers have solved the problem of high commissions faced by users of many other cryptocurrencies and exchanges by introducing GoByte Pay service.