Cleaning Up Crypto One ICO at a Time

BX3 Capital, a consulting service for blockchain businesses, is looking to help ICOs clean up compliance and regulatory models in an effort to get them back on track. To do so, the firm is launching its Crypto Janitors program. The company’s co-founder, Kyle Asman, joined Cheddar to discuss the initiative.  

It’s Clean-Up Time for ICOs

Did the US put forth groundbreaking new securities regulation in 2018?  No, but the SEC provided a number of increasingly explicit reminders about the application of existing securities laws to cryptocurrency transactions—particularly ICOs. The public enforcement actions during the past month against Airfox, Paragon, Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled provided concrete proof that the SEC […]

Messy ICOs: Crypto Janitors Are Here To Help

Legal and accounting cleanup for your (innocent but possibly non-compliant) token sale. Ever get the feeling that the crypto party went too far? One minute everyone’s having fun, raising capital and launching ICO’s while the regulators aren’t home. Then you wake up to December 2018, and the market’s a mess. There are crumpled white papers […]

Crypto Janitors Makes ICOs In Mobile Payments Smoother

While for a while there—for a long while—the cryptocurrency market looked like a Wild West boom town, the appearance of regulators stepping in shook things up substantially in favor of making things more stable. That’s brought in a lot of new rules, and a much greater potential to run afoul of said rules. That’s what […]

BX3 Capital Launches Crypto Janitors Program to Ensure ICO Compliance

In the aftermath of the recent regulatory crackdown by the SEC on two non-compliant initial coin offerings (ICOs), BX3 Capital, a business advisory firm for companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, is launching a new service to help firms prevent being the object of such enforcements. Crypto Janitors is a new offering to help […]