You conducted a successful offering, and raised funds, and that is awesome.  But as we all know, the market has changed, and expectations are different.  Regulators, investors, and the market-at-large are all watching to see what you do next.  YOU have a fiduciary duty to the people who gave you funding for your project, and if you haven’t properly accounted for those funds, or spent them as you promised you would, there is a storm brewing, and it is headed directly for YOU.  So, if you need to clean things up, now is your chance.

Our Crypto Janitors program is here to help get things right, and make your project stronger than ever.  Our team of crypto-experienced lawyers, accountants, and marketers can help with all of the following to get you back on track:

There are more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation today, most of which were issued pursuant to a whitepaper that contained a plan for the use of the raised funds. Many ICOs purported to raise funds to support a project or business, or to provide an apparent “utility,” an unregistered security, that granted access to a native technology platform. Crypto Janitors utilizes that whitepaper to help answer the overarching question: Did the project do what it said it was going to do?

From there, the process turns to key business fundamentals and potential exposures to regulators and investors.

Need Help?

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