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Using blockchain IOT and mobile applications to decentralize and democratize personal and public safety for citizens and enterprises everywhere.


At Alternative Resource Group, our goal is to provide businesses and organizations an innovative alternative to electricity generation technologies, energy storage, microgrids, and self sustained electricity generation. We specialize in full cycle development of energy resources; from strategic locations, entitlements, financing, construction, operation and management. We can provide you with a comprehensive plan for optimal usage of your energy systems, giving you more control over your energy generation, consumption, and most importantly, your spending.


Blockdrop offers the first ever legal tech resource focused on the blockchain industry. We provide cutting edge form generation for lawyers to service the new and exciting blockchain and crypto space. Comprised of experienced practitioners and industry experts, BlockDrop’s web-based platform offers reliable industry focused content that is frequently updated to keep pace with the ever evolving blockchain industry.

Crowded Cloud

Crowded Cloud is a platform in which users can vote for, fund, produce, and profit from the format conversion, production, and enhancement of film and television content. Projects will be crowdfunded based on community interest, allowing community members to collectively select the best projects. The native token of Crowded Cloud, the HAVI Token, allows users to commit, fund, and claim ownership stake of distributed productions.


Monarch is the ultimate crypto payment solution for both business and consumers, pairing a CMS plugin for online stores with an easy-to-use Patent Pending wallet for consumers. Total fiat-crypto exchange with a wallet and merchant plugin that offers recurring payments for monthly bills, on a proprietary blockchain with tokens continuously backed by silver.


The PEA blockchain powers PeaCounts’ revolutionary blockchain payroll system. Based on Bitcoin technology to maximize security, PeaCounts uses smart contracts and AI to verify business activity, then releases funds automatically to the employee upon completion of the contract. This removes the trust-based aspects of the employment relationship, and ensures fair payment for the actual work performed.

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