Mike Minihan

Is Cryptocurrency a Threat to the Financial System?

Cryptocurrency Issue Approached Differently Across Globe Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary. Since Bitcoin first came on the scene, each country has approached the cryptocurrency issue differently. There seems to be no consensus when it comes to how to handle cryptocurrencies. Of course, there are countries that do not support use of digital currency within their borders. For […]

US Tax Laws on Cryptos to Stimulate Economic Development

In the recent years, the federal government and states of the US have been working meticulously to grasp the concept of cryptocurrencies and apply them to conventional finance laws like taxes. Indistinguishably, the US tax laws are designed for attempts of achieving healthy economic results. As per the sources of Internal Revenue Service (IRS), majority […]

Crypto Tax Regulation to Fuel US Economic Growth

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the power to revolutionize the global financial system and tax policies should encourage its use. He said, “The promise of the blockchain and the rise of cryptocurrencies could transform the global economy. Historical leaders of the world’s most revolutionary innovation have called—and continue to call—the US their home.  In addition, with […]

Regulation Crypto Part II – Promoting US Economic Growth Through Tax Regulation for the Cryptocurrency Industry

An academic debate rages over the length of the Internal Revenue Code. It is widely quoted at more than 70,000 pages. That figure may be overstated by at least a few dozen thousand pages, though. Beyond pure tax law, the Code also includes related interpretive documents, such as Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and IRS Notices. […]