Kyle Asman

Trump Plows into Libra Debate as Politicians Face Crypto Learning Curve

For those politicians who put off their crypto education, Facebook’s Libra is a wake-up call. And President Trump’s Twitter account made that call impossible to ignore. Overnight, Trump slammed cryptocurrency as being “based on thin air,” calling it “unAmerican,” and praised the U.S. dollar as the “only one real currency” and “by far the most […]

Are STOs The New ICOs? 9 Experts Weigh In

In the not-so-distant past, ICOs enjoyed a massive surge in popularity. Yet, because of a number of documented ICO scams and security breaches, the bullish ICO market has petered-out a bit. That said, Security Token Offerings (STOs) have emerged as a new method of raising money for blockchain projects. STOs have the potential to meet […]