What Are The Top Benefits Of Blockchain In Marketing? 8 Experts Share Their Insights

You know the phrase “you get what you pay for?” It applies to lawnmowers and automobiles, but it’s not necessarily the case when paying for advertisements. The state of marketing metrics is shameful. The way we measure advertising influence is so broken that judging a campaign’s effectiveness is often subjective. Clicks, views, and impressions meld […]

OTC Crypto Trading Platforms Can’t Escape the Bear Market’s Claws

The bear market has affected every aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. How has it affected OTC trading? Over the course of the past year, the crypto bear market has totally reshaped the cryptocurrency industry. What was briefly a landscape of virtually unmitigated opportunity and cash flow has quickly begun to mature into a regulated, survival-of-the-fittest […]

Shut The Dark Web Down, Not Bitcoin

Drugs, assassinations, child abuse, prostitution and much more are some of the notorious services that can easily be availed through bitcoin payments. Since 2011, bitcoin has been the de facto currency of the Dark Web, a platform where different marketplaces exist that provide various unethical and unconventional services. Bitcoin as the payment instrument over dark […]