Kyle Asman

Facebook’s Libra Hearings Pose a Threat to Mass Crypto Adoption

August 11th, 2019   |   BlockPublisher Crypto-related hearings starting with Libra have brought the attention of the lawmakers in the U.S. towards the broader cryptocurrency space. After Facebook’s blockchain lead explained the workflow of its crypto Libra to the lawmakers, United States Congress also called in a hearing specifically dedicated to cryptocurrency world that included […]

Trump Plows into Libra Debate as Politicians Face Crypto Learning Curve

For those politicians who put off their crypto education, Facebook’s Libra is a wake-up call. And President Trump’s Twitter account made that call impossible to ignore. Overnight, Trump slammed cryptocurrency as being “based on thin air,” calling it “unAmerican,” and praised the U.S. dollar as the “only one real currency” and “by far the most […]