BX3 Joins the Accounting Blockchain Coalition

BX3 Joins the Accounting Blockchain Coalition

New York, NY – BX3 Capital (BX3), an industry-leading business advisory firm that focuses on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, today announced that it has joined the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC), an alliance dedicated to educating businesses and organizations on accounting matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology, including blockchain.

As a member of the ABC, BX3 will collaborate with industry leaders to develop and further the leading industry organization and network involved with blockchains in accounting. ABC will also provide educational information and materials to the broader accounting industry on changes and updates to information regarding digital assets and distributed ledger technology.

The team at BX3 collectively brings many years of experience across investing, tax, consulting, and marketing to the table to help clients in the blockchain space develop and sustain their business. The firm is looking forward to utilizing its knowledge base in U.S. and international tax and accounting compliance to ensure the blockchain community has the necessary toolkit for continued success amid an ever-changing regulatory framework.

“We are incredibly excited to join the ABC,” said Adnan Akhand, VP Accounting & Compliance at BX3. “ABCis helping guide the rulemaking that will bridge the financial world to the new economy.  Until the world fully adopts decentralized verification, it remains an important component of systemic trust that accurate financial and tax reporting can be completed in a manner that existing regulatory and governmental entities, as well as investors, recognize.”

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, yet has already made inroads disrupting and shaping an array of industries, of which accounting is no exception. Utilizing blockchain technology will allow corporations to streamline their accounting processes and provide significant savings in conducting their financial audits.

ABC will bring together a cross-sector, cross industry, member-driven knowledge-base and work real time on issues impacting the accounting industry regarding digital assets and distributed ledger technology. To do this, the ABC has created an infrastructure, including four working groups, that will allow for collaboration and publication of best practices.


About the Accounting Blockchain Coalition

TheAccounting Blockchain Coalition is an industry association formed to educate businesses and organizations on accounting matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology, including blockchain. Offering a platform for members to contribute their knowledge and expertise while fostering best practices, the ABC has three levels of membership including Charter, Promoter and Associate.


About BX3 Capital

We are passionate professionals with decades of combined experience in banking, marketing, accounting, finance, tax, and law, and use our expertise to provide the necessary tools and framework to turn ideas into successful businesses in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We believe that the disruption that blockchain technology enables will inevitably lead to increased pushback from regulatory bodies as they see bad actors and noncompliant parties continue to take advantage of the decentralized, pseudonymous nature of the industry.  We exclusively work with clients and partners who reflect our core principles of collaboration, ethics, and transparency. BX3 Capital is headquartered in New York, NY.


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